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Evening at the Embassy of Georgia with The Ambassador and Fashion Show

Wed, June 07, 2017 @ 07:00 PM to 09:30 PM

Embassy of Georgia
1824 R Street,
Washington, DC



From the majestic Caucasus Mountains to the spectacular Black Sea, Georgia is an Eastern European marvel that is attracting more and more visitors every year.  When beautiful scenery, charming towns, incredible food, and a strong culture, it is no wonder that tourism is booming more and more.

Tonight, join His Excellency Ambassador David Bakradze and step onto foreign soil and get your first look into Georgian culture without ever leaving the DMV.   Join the diplomats of the Embassy of Georgia for a special evening of native food, wine, music, dance, film, art, and a very special Georgian fashion show – in D.C. tonight only for this exclusive presentation.



  • Assorted Cheeses and Grapes

    Mtsvadi- Chicken and Beef Kebabs with Tkemali- Plum Sauce

    Ajapsandali- Mixed Stewed Vegetables 

    Kitris da Pomidvris Salata Nigvzit- Tomato Cucumber Salad with Walnuts

    Lobio- Kidney Bean Dish with Herbs 

    Sate Chiri -Dried Fruits Rice

    Georgian Bread, Assorted Breads and Whipped Butter 

    Fruit Custard Cake 



Sample Georgian wine from the best vineyards in Georgia.  Regional beer and non-alcoholic drinks are also included.

Meet Ambassador Bakradze and the leading diplomats from this European treasure who will offer a special greeting to their embassy and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Visiting from Georgia for this one night, one time unique presentation, we will experience a Georgian fashion show.  Models will showcase exquisite Georgian outfits, which will be available for purchase.

A special film presented by the Embassy will showcase their country’s beautiful landscapes, cities and culture.


Suggested Attire

Business Attire



Embassy of Georgia
1824 R Street,
Washington, DC

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