VIRTUAL GHOST TOUR OF CHERNOBYL (plus the Paris Catacombs and the White House)

VIRTUAL GHOST TOUR OF CHERNOBYL (plus the Paris Catacombs and the White House)

Wed, October 28, 2020 @ 07:30PM To Wed, October 28, 2020 @ 09:00PM




Chernobyl will never be free from the legacy of that catastrophic accident in April 1986.    At the same time, the ghosts of Chernobyl still remain to drive curious tourists away.

Today, join our expert guide on a virtual haunted tour of the abandoned town and the Nuclear Reactor.   Hear many stories of the spirits that still remain in the plant.   Some say the spirits are not even aware of their death and continue to try to clean up their town, despite its international isolation.

After Chernobyl, we will head West to Paris France, and experience the ghost stories of the Catacombs.  We will delve deep below Paris’ Metro lines to discover the City of Light’s haunted and eerie underground secrets.    Throughout the multiple tunnels, we will hear the stories of the spirits who haunted those who dare to seek an adventure in their cave.

Then, we will head to Beverly Hills for a quick tour of the “Witches House”. Built 100 years ago for the movies, it continues to attract viewers every year, especially on Halloween.

Finally, we will arrive in Washington D.C. for an eerier tour of our own White House.  Learn the stories of the ghosts who have haunted Presidents for over 100 years, including Lincoln, Kennedy and others!

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