20 Years of Halloween in Washington D.C.

Halloween is very exciting in Washington D.C. with lots of Things To Do all over the city.   ThingstodoDC.com is hosting plenty of haunted tours (National Cathedral, Georgetown, Old Town VA, Leesburg VA, etc…).   We are also hosting lots of fun Scavenger Hunts, Trick or Treating of the Embassies on Halloween, bonfires etc…

But, most exciting is our HALLOWEEN PARTY – THE ANNUAL GRAVEYARD JAM (taking place on October 28th at the Black Finn in Washington D.C.   Details at   https://thingstododc.com/event/1132/huge-annual-halloween-graveyard-jam/

I have celebrated over 20 Years of Halloween since living in the greater Washington D.C. Area.  I have seen some incredible costumes over the years.  What stands out:  The Chef from South Park, Lego Man, Johnny Depp (5 friends all dressed as different Johnny Depp Characters), the Metro (friends dressed like Metro Stops), and much more!   At the first Halloween Party I hosted, someone created a 15 foot dancing skeleton.

Halloween is perhaps the best time of the year.  I know it is not the traditional holiday with families, or with religious or American significance. I understand those are very special holidays.   But, Halloween allows us to have the most fun – to get the most creative.   We see each other’s creative side, we laugh and really let down our guard.  We drink, we dance, we eat candy, and post lots of pictures.

So, I really hope our members take advantage of the season.    At the Graveyard Jam, we will be hosting another giant Halloween Costume Contest.   Prizes include tickets aboard the Odyssey Dinner Cruise ship. Shear Madness Tickets, New Year’s Eve Tickets, and a Grand Prize Trip to the Caribbean!

I am going to post some prior videos at facebook.com/thingstodoDC.

I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!



20 Years of Halloween in Washington D.C.