Guided Tours

Chinese New Year Scavenger Hunt - Amazing Race Style

Sat, Jan 28 2017 at 11:30AM

It is the Year of the Rooster! Today, as we celebrate the Chinese New Year, we will embark on a fun and interactive race the combines items and tasks, food and costumes, culture and history of China - all right in the heard of Washington D.C. . Ever see the award winning popular show -- The Amazing Race? Well, today we combine our popular scavenger hunt with this style. We may not race around the world, but we can race around our area visiting multiple venues and engaging in unique tasks to keep your team on their toes for the ultimate prize.

Embassy Row Valentines Chocolate Tour

Sat, Feb 11 2017 at 12:00PM

Like Santa Claus - Travel the world - in under two hours! Today, we'll explore one of the most culturally fascinating areas of Washington, D.C. -

President Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour: Following the Footsteps of 1865

Sun, Feb 12 2017 at 12:00PM

President Lincoln\'s assassination was perhaps one of the most tragic moments in our country\'s history. Today, learn about one of Americas most famous Presidents, and the tragic plot that lead to his death.

Limousine Secret Agent/ Spy Evening Adventure and Race: The Cold War Returns

Sat, Feb 18 2017 at 06:30PM

A new special twist on our luxury limousine scavenger hunts! Tonight, you become the spies. In an evening of international espionage, - in Secret Agent fashion – you will race around our nation’s capitol completing tasks, collecting items, and solving clues.