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Valentines Scavenger Hunt, Great Race and Challenge

Sat, February 09, 2019 @ 11:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Meet at Ollies Trolley Restaurant
425 12th St NW
Washington, DC



A new twist based one our most popular events. Ever see “Amazing Race”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Casablanca”, and “No Way Out”? Well, imagine them all combined as inspiration to day’s brand new Scavenger Hunt - to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

While open to singles and couples alike (and upon request we can put you on teams targeting either singles, couples or potpourri),this is a unique opportunity to combine the Valentine's Spirit with a fun-filled day of activities.

(Plus we throw in some items celebrating President's Day - given where we all live of course)

Today, we invite you to race around Washington D.C. finding not only unique Valentine (and Mardi Gras/President's Weekend) holiday themed items but also taking incredibly fun and exciting challenges against each other - that may involve champagne tastings, spin the bottle, a test of holiday appetite,… who knows!)

Most of the items you collect will be centered around the holiday(s). You will visit some of the most romantic places in DC. So, this will be your chance to take a unique special tour of the Valentines themed sites and treasures of DC

Although it may be chilly (we are keeping this predominantly inside), we promise today will not only involve fun, exercise, creativity, and prizes but it will also capitulate you into the holiday spirit with brand new friends as well.

How does it work?

1) Upon arrival we will break you into teams. Each team will be given a list of several items to retrieve. The items are all of little or no cost. (Note: If requested upon arrival we will put you on a team with any friends or other colleagues you may know.)

2) The list will also contain a location where each team must check in by a certain time. Each team should take whatever items it has and proceed to that location by the designated time. If you are late, you lose points. Teams are not expected to retrieve all of the items listed.

At each location, team members will participate in one or more unique holiday themed challenges. This may involve tests of speed, appetite, knowledge, spirit, and the ability to be the most holiday like cheerful in an unusual setting!

3) Throughout the day, at each location, points will be calculated, teams will get a brief time to rest, and teams will be given a different list of items to retrieve and take to the next location. There will be 4 or 5 different check-ins throughout the Washington, D.C. Area, all of which are near Metro Stations and will be most likely indoors. At each check-in, teams will be given different scavenger hunt lists and new challenges to complete.

4) Bonuses are given to the first team to arrive at each respective location. Teams will leave each location in the order in which they arrived. The winning team will be the one that collects the most points. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams.

All teams must use public transportation. Teams caught using personal cars will be disqualified. We recommend that you bring a Metro card with at least $10 on it when you arrive.

Throughout the day, you'll visit many landmarks in D.C., restaurants, schools, theaters, and much more! There are over 100 items listed and what you see depends upon your team's resolve, speed and ability to have fun!

Note: Teams solidified at 11:45 AM.  The race starts at Noon sharp!


Suggested Attire




Meet at Ollies Trolley Restaurant
425 12th St NW
Washington, DC

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