Game Night

Game Night

Sun, November 08, 2020 @ 07:30PM To Sun, November 08, 2020 @ 09:30PM




Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your game night.   Get your game faces on, as we log on to our Zoom accounts and challenge old and new friends to 5 exciting games in a single night of competition and laughs.

In the beginning teams (of roughly 6 to 8 people) will be formed and sent to different breakrooms.  (Note:  If you are playing with friends, all friends will be in the same breakroom and on the same team).    While in the breakrooms each team will play a series of games to earn more and more points.

After playing all 5 games, points will be accumulated.   In addition, each team will select one player per game to compete in a lightening challenge against the other teams back in the main room.    Each winner from these lightning rounds will gain points to be added to their team totals.

Prizes are awarded for the top teams (including free admission to a future black-tie gala).


1) Pictionary: 

In multiple rounds, one team member will be given a word and has one minute to draw that same word for their team to guess. If the team guesses the card correctly, they score points (team members will be rotated for everyone to get a chance to draw).

2) Charades: 

Each team member will be given one line or scenario to act out in front of their team members.  The other members must work together (under a time limit to guess exactly what they are trying to say.

3) Trivial Pursuit:

Questions will be thrown at all team members in 6 categories.   Questions get harder as the game progresses.   Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the question answered, and the ability to be “crowned” in each category.

4) 20 Questions

Each team member will be given an object, person or another scenario.  It is up to the team embers to ask Yes or No Questions to get the right answer.  Points are awarded based on the ability to get the right answer and the speed in which they do so.

5) Mad Libs


Fun and Creativity will get you points.   We will put together a Mad Lib for all to take part in.   Points are awarded solely on creativity.


All chatroom links and invitations will be sent out a few minutes before the event (to ensure only registrants attend).    They will be sent to the email address you use to register for the event.

Any unauthorized person, or any person acting inappropriately during the chat room, or anyone using this as a forum to sell their own services or products will be immediately removed and blocked.


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