Events in 'Washington DC'

Monopoly® of DC: Live Action Board Game and Experience

Sun, Feb 17 2019 at 11:30AM

That's right! Today, we take to the Smithsonian Museums to secure some of the best property throughout history, space, and our nation’s capital. The winner will be the one who earns enough property by earning points through various challenges (Monopoly themed) and collecting enough items that can be traded in for particular property – related to the Smithsonian.

President Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour

Sun, Feb 17 2019 at 12:00PM

President Lincoln's assassination was perhaps one of the most tragic moments in our country's history. Today, learn about one of Americas most famous Presidents, and the tragic plot that lead to his death.

Ghosts and Gargoyles: Secrets of the Washington National Cathedral Tour

Thu, Feb 21 2019 at 07:00PM

Led by Seferlis’ son, Clift, a stone carver in his own right, you will walk the beautiful grounds and hear of the cathedral’s history as only someone who knows the building intimately can tell it. In addition to an exciting general history of the Cathedral, Clift will tell us of the many mysteries of the gargoyles and unknown spooky stories of the cathedral that are unknown the most D.C. residents. You may never look at this landmark the same way again.

Night of Laughs at the Kennedy Center with Shear Madness and Georgetown After Dark

Fri, Feb 22 2019 at 07:15PM

Join TTD for one of the longest nationally running and funniest comedy shows around. Tonight, make new friends and have a laugh, or two, or a thousand at a special performance of SHEAR MADNESS at the Kennedy Center.

Helicopter Flying Lesson for Beginners ... (and you WILL take controls and FLY the Helicopter)

Sat, Feb 23 2019 at 09:00AM

Yes, you read the event title right! if you want, today you WILL FLY. You WILL TAKE CONTROLS OF THE HELICOPTER. Today, take this rare opportunity to take a one time helicopter flying lesson where you will have hands on learning experiences as you control the helicopter in the air.

Adventures in Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding with Lessons

Sat, Feb 23 2019 at 11:00AM

Hit the slopes for the most exciting adventure this Winter! Gear up as we head to PA for an incredible day with your fellow young Professionals in Skiing and/or Snowboarding.

French Embassy Carnival Celebration: A Night on the Riviera

Sat, Feb 23 2019 at 06:30PM

From the elegance of classical French culture to the most celebrated Rivera nightlife of the 21st Century, experience a special evening of fantastic French food (buffet-style) and wines, late night DJ and a nightclub experience that will turn the venue into “The Embassy of Lights”, with a spectacular Riviera-style ambiance, as well as attractions and shows.

Sunday Afternoon Bowling Party

Sun, Feb 24 2019 at 05:00PM

TTD invites beginners and experts for a fun afternoon of bowling with your fellow young professionals.

French Ambassador Residence: La Soirée Champagne 2019

Fri, Mar 01 2019 at 06:00PM

The event will be hosted in the private Residence of the Ambassador of France. This is the perfect occasion to enjoy a rare opportunity to taste different champagnes from France's leading houses!

Evening at the Embassy of Georgia: Georgian Wines (Country) vs Georgian Wines (U.S. State)

Fri, Mar 01 2019 at 07:00PM

Tonight, we also have a "battle" - GEORGIA vs GEORIGA! We will pair off wines from both the vinyards of Georgia against the wines from the Southern U.S. State of Georgia!. Step onto foreign soil and get your first look into Georgian culture without ever leaving the DMV. Join the diplomats of the Embassy of Georgia for a special evening of native food, wine, music, , film, art, and the very special tasting.