Events in 'Washington DC'

Caribbean Evening at the Bahamian Embassy Consulate (Cultural and Professional Networking)

Fri, Feb 23 2018 at 07:30PM

Ready to Kick off the New Year with a Caribbean Touch? Want to travel to the Caribbean this Weekend? Tonight, step on Bahamian soil for an incredible cultural event and celebration!

Monopoly® on the Mall: Live Action Board Game and Experience

Sat, Feb 24 2018 at 11:30AM

That's right! Today, we take to the Smithsonian Museums to secure some of the best property throughout history, space, and our nation’s capital. The winner will be the one who earns enough property by earning points through various challenges (Monopoly themed) and collecting enough items that can be traded in for particular property – related to the Smithsonian.

DuPont Circle Nightclub Tour

Sat, Feb 24 2018 at 08:45PM

A special Saturday Night Nightclub Tour! No additional cover charges or long lines!

Sunday Afternoon Bowling Party

Sun, Feb 25 2018 at 05:00PM

TTD invites beginners and experts for a fun afternoon of bowling with your fellow young professionals.

DESSERTS OF DC TOUR: Desserts of the Royalty

Thu, Mar 01 2018 at 06:00PM

From one of Washington�s most upscale hotels, to one of the top restaurants near the White House, to a trendy new restaurant and club, we will enjoy signature desserts like you never have before. Whether you are dieting or not, tonight everything is on hold as we treat our palates to an amazing post dinner treat

Night of Laughs at the Kennedy Center and Georgetown After Dark

Fri, Mar 02 2018 at 07:00PM

Join TTD for one of the longest nationally running and funniest comedy shows around. Tonight, make new friends and have a laugh, or two, or a thousand at a special performance of SHEAR MADNESS at the Kennedy Center.

Helicopter Flying Lesson for Beginners ... (and you WILL take controls and FLY the Helicopter)

Sat, Mar 03 2018 at 09:30AM

Yes, you read the event title right! if you want, today you WILL FLY. You WILL TAKE CONTROLS OF THE HELICOPTER. Today, take this rare opportunity to take a one time helicopter flying lesson where you will have hands on learning experiences as you control the helicopter in the air.

EVENING AT THE EMBASSY OF SLOVENIA with Native Visiting Entertainers

Sat, Mar 03 2018 at 07:30PM

Through the food, drink, live Slovenian entertainment, diplomats and other cultural aspects of the evening, we'll take in the rich customs of the Slovenian people. Savor the hospitality in this beautiful resident as we enjoy a special evening on Slovenian soil.

How to Play Chess and Chess Tournament

Sun, Mar 04 2018 at 02:00PM

This afternoon, we invite you to experience a great way to wrap up your weekend while meeting other TTD members in a relaxed and fun setting. Test our your strategic skills and have a lot of fun with new friends in DC as you take on the legendary game of chess!